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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mill Street Betelgeuse Review

Wow, another new Mill Street brew, and this one is a strong one at 9.1% ABV. OK, it is new in the sense that it is available at the LCBO in bottles, each priced at $2.35.

The beer is a touch cloudy, honey/amber in color and pours smoothly with almost no head. The aroma is rich and inviting with traces of pears, nuts, cloves and honey. The taste starts off very sweet, with a noticeable bubblegum flavour and some dried fruits such as bananas. It then develops a herbal/clove taste and finishes on a less sweet, spicy and warm note. In the long run, the finish develops in a strange combination of sweet fruits and vegetables. Definitely a unique beer, but not the best triple I have had.

Beware, this beer is very, very sweet. It is probably the sweetest beer I have ever had.

Cost - $2.35 CAD for a 355 mL bottle
Taste - 6.9/10

Overall - 7.0/10...I would give it an extra 0.1 because of the high ABV/low-ish cost

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