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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Big Wheel Delux Amber Review

I am not a huge fan of ambers due to some unpleasant experiences back in the day, but I thought I should try this one since it came in a nice box and the bottles weren't bad looking either.

The beer has an amazing amber color and pours with a short, off-white head. The aroma resembles typical lagers but is a bit stronger. Some distant hints of honey and nuts can be sensed. The taste is not too bad with a sweet-ish start and a bitter, hoppy finish with some strong alcohol tones. Some roasted notes appear, but are not very strong and don't make a huge impact. The finish is short to medium and hoppy and refreshing at first, but half way through the bottle it starts to deteriorate a little. Better than macro brews, but just not my style of beer.

Cost - $11.95 for a 6-pack
Taste - 6.9/10

Overall - 6.9/10...not my style, but I still found it OK

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