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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fuller's Vintage Ale 2010 Review

Another winter season and another Vintage Ale from Fuller's. This year I got 2 beers and one went directly to the cool, dark place of my basement, where some wines are stored. My goal is to try the second bottle in a year or two...or just when I am really desperate for beer and there is nothing else, which is probably what will happen. What I am sad about is that I didn't get a chance to review last year's edition or to even jot down some notes so I have something to compare this year's ale.

The 2010 Fuller's Vintage Ale has a deep amber/ruby brown color and pours with a short off-white head, which recedes to a ring with some islands in minutes. The aroma is quite pleasant and complex with sweet notes of fruits and honey and some bolder, more floral, hoppy tones. The taste is surprisingly buttery with a sweet, fruity and malty start which quickly turns bittersweet with a strong and aromatic burst of hops while keeping its malty character. The finish is medium, slightly smoky, a touch citrusy with some hops and a distant malty note. There are some metallic tones, but they come and go. Another thing I noticed were the grassy notes which become apparent toward the end of the finish. Both of those do bring the overall satisfaction down a bit, but not low enough to say that this is a bad beer. Also, the high alcohol content is well masked and can only be noticed later on when the effects of the alcohol become apparent.

Cost - $7.25 for a 500 mL bottle
Taste - 7.7/10
ABV - 8.5%

Overall - 7.7/10...pretty solid brew, but the price might be a bit high for what it is

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