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Monday, November 1, 2010

Great Lakes Brewery Sweet Pete's Peach Wheat Review

Today I got with me the latest Great Lakes Brewery beer - Sweet Pete's Peach Wheat, which I picked up for $5.95 from the LCBO.

I am a bit surprised that such a beer comes out at this time, the time of spiced ales and the tail end of pumpkin beers. This seems like more of a "start-of-the-summer" beer, not late fall beer. Oh well, that's my observation, now on with the beer.

Being a wheat beer, it is a touch hazy and golden honey I color. It pours with a short, short-lived head which also appears to be lacy. It has a typical wheat aroma with cloves and citrus...but not a detectable peach scent. The taste is where the peach appears, but it is still a bit dull. In addition to the mild peach taste, typical wheat characteristics show - touch of herbs and citrus. The finish is mild with sweet peach notes as well as some cloves. Overall the beer is nothing spectacular, but I think it will find some fans during the summer months...not the winter.

Cost - $5.95 for a 650 mL bottle
Taste - 6.8/10
ABV - 5.0%

Overall - 6.8/10...OK, but came out at the wrong time

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