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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christoffel Winterse Bok Review

I love Christoffel's beers and today I am trying the 2010 Bok.

The beer has an odd, muddy brown and hazy color, which is not the most appealing trait. It pours with almost no head and has a very sweet malty aroma with dried fruits, honey and raisins. The taste is also sweet, but not as sweet as one would expect. The start is sweet and malty, but the hops start to quickly change the taste. Sweet fruits and raisins appear shortly before the hops as well as some hints of roasted barley. The finish is a bit weak and quickly disappears but some mild hoppy hints and fruity sweetness are noticeable. The 7.8% ABV is well hidden, but the effects can be felt.

Cost - $3.10
Taste - 6.8/10
ABV - 7.8%

Overall - 6.8/10...the finish is weak, but the taste is fairly decent

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