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Friday, June 3, 2011

La Carotte Du Lievre Review

Yep, this is a carrot beer. Vegetable beers are nothing new, but they are fairly rare. The only other vegetable beer I have had was also from Quebec and it had some tomatoes in it. On the plus side, it is only $2.29 so it is a cheap experiment.

For a carrot beer, it does have a color very similar to that of carrot juice, only a shade lighter. It pours with almost no head, just a carrot shaped skin at the top...wait, carrot shaped? Perhaps it was just a freak of nature, but yes, the thin layer on top of the beer did have an elongated triangular shape, comparable to that of a carrot. The aroma is raunchy with a faint carrot scent and adjuncts. The taste is better than the aroma and it is more beer-like than I expected. Sweet malt and cereal are predominant with the carrot notes popping up towards the end and in the finish. The finish is malty, with a very subtle carrot flavour and a bit of yeast. I didn't enjoy this beer very much in the beginning, but it did start to grow on me. I expected it to be a badly composed carrot "juice-beer", but instead I got a beer which kept its characteristics and added some carrot ones. For $2.29 I do suggest you try it just for its unique factor.

Cost - $2.29
Taste - 6.2/10
ABV - 5%

Overall - 6.2/10...it is a carrot beer!!!

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