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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dark Star Sunburst Classic Golden Ale Review

This beer is one of LCBO's Summer 2011 releases, which unfortunately, is suffering from a very slow roll out. I finally started seeing some of the new releases a couple of weeks after the announced release date. Of course I have the required patience, and cases of delicious beers I have yet to try, but normally I don't wait more than a day or two before I start seeing the new releases. Waiting for so long frustrated me a bit, but not enough to not want to spend my hard earned money.

I had my first Dark Star beer last year when LCBO introduced their Espresso beer in the fall. As I recall, I rather liked the beer and have high expectations of the Sunburst brew.

The beer has a light golden color and pours with a creamy, 3 finger thick head, which recedes slowly with some lacing. The aroma is a burst of hops, floral notes, a ton of sweet fruits and a nice citrus twist. I absolutely love beers with such intense aromas and can hardly wait to down a good portion of them in a go.

The taste is as intense as the aroma with a healthy dose of fruits and hops which last well into the finish. Some maltiness is also present, but gets overpowered by all of the other flavours. The finish is hoppy, dry, with a nice papaya and grapefruit note. Well into the bottle, a subtle roasted flavour starts to make brief appearances before the finish and at times after that.

I can see this becoming my summer staple as it is very drinkable...nay...extremely drinkable.

Cost - $3.45
Taste - 8.8/10
ABV - 4.8%

Overall - 8.9/10...this deserves another 0.1 for its refreshing flavour and drinkability

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