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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Alexander Keith's Ambrosia Blonde Review

Summer is in full swing and so are Alexander Keith's with their new summery beer - Ambrosia Blonde, the third limited release of the Brew Master's line. The pre-release beer arrived in a very nice box with a well made glass sporting the Alexander Keith's logo - a very nice touch.

I let the beer sit in the fridge for a few days until I finally had the time to sit down and give it a proper tasting. I poured the contents of the bottle, as instructed by the attached letter from the brewmaster, into the glass went to my comfortable chair. The beer poured with a creamy, finger thick white head which receded to a ring and a thin island within minutes. The aroma is quite a bit different from other Alexander Keith's beers - it is sweet with hints of tropical fruits. The beer has a sort of creamy mouthfeel with a lot of malt, some hops, grassy notes and more of the fruity sweetness, though not as pronounced as in the aroma. There is a subtle hint of adjuncts, but it is well masked. The finish is mildly hoppy and has more of the malty/fruity goodness.

Overall, this is a fairly decent summer beer and I am quite surprised that Alexander Keith's did not go for the traditional orange peel flavour. The tropical fruits are definitely a nice touch and bring something unique to the table. Unfortunately, compared to some other similar beers, it does have a lighter, more watery flavour. This could appeal to some as the beer goes down easily and smoothly, but some may find this lack of richness to be unfulfilling. Would I buy it using my own money? Sure.

Cost - unknown
Taste - 7.5/10
ABV - 5.2%

Overall - 7.5/10...I enjoyed this much more than their Tartan Ale...but maybe because it was very hot outside

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