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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Duggan's Number 5 Sorachi Lager Review

You guessed it, this is a new brew from Duggan's made with Sorachi hops. Unlike Number 9 IPA (which I have not had the time to review, but had the please to enjoy multiple times), the Sorachi Lager is a light beer clocking in at a mere 4%. A 6 pack will set you back $11.25 which is pretty cheap, but do keep in mind that these are 275 mL bottles.

The beer has a light golden color and pours with a finger thick creamy head with some lacing. The aroma is very lager-like with a lot of grains, some sweetness and barely any hops. The taste is light, a bit watery with some cereal and grassy notes. Just past the cereal is when the unique flavours start to emerge - a sweet buttery note with light hop lacing emerges and takes you to the finish. Some citrus and more grassy notes are also present in the finish. Overall, this is a light beer with a bit of character that is just enough to separate it from the rest. The beer is enjoyable and refreshing on a hot summer day, but if I wanted to be serious, I will go for the good old Number 9.

Scores: Cost - $11.25 for a 6 pack
Taste - 6.9/10
ABV - 4%

Overall - 6.9/10...decent light beer with a bit of butter goodness and a smooth finish

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