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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Sierra Nevada 2011 Celebration Ale Review

So here is my first beer review on the go. Actually this could have been my 100th, but 99% of the time I get too lazy/impatient to jot down notes. I picked this up at a liquor store I found near my hotel in San Antonio for only $9.99 for a 6 pack. That is incredible! This could easily go for $13-$14 in Ontario if it ever makes its way there.

The beer has an attractive copper color and pours with a very creamy and thick head which has a pretty good retention time leaving very good lacing behind. The aroma is very hoppy with a lot of cascade hops, some nuts, spices, citrus, pine and just a very tiny boozy note - absolutely fantastic (except for the boozy note), making you want to dive in and quickly drink the entire 6 pack.

The taste is even better since there are so many delicious hops. The hops give the taste a very warm and bittersweet pine/citrus note with a subtle roasted nut undertone. The finish is bittersweet, though more bitter than sweet, with more of the citrus and nut notes.

I loved this beer and only regret not being able to purchase it from our LCBOs.

Cost - $9.99 for a 6 pack
Taste - 8.9/10
ABV - 6.8%

Overall - 8.9/10...delicious, strong, excellent!!!

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