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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Chateau Toumilon 2003 Graves Review

About a week before Valentine's Day we started preparing for a night out and an evening at home (read: drink a lot) and purchased a bottle of red wine. Too bad it didn't last until Valentine's Day. The bottle was empty the following day, about 6 days before Valentine's Day, but on the plus side I did end up with a short review.

The wine has a nice dark plum color and a very inviting aroma bursting with black cherries, plums and raspberries. The wine is very smooth with a lot of plum and black cherry flavours. There is a very enjoyable woody character which gives the wine some warmth. The finish is mind blowing...at least from the perspective of someone who drinks a lot of beer. It is very long, warm, sweet, jam-like with a bit of spices and more of the plum, fruity goodness.

For $20, this is one excellent wine I will definitely buy again.

Cost - $19.95
Taste - 9/10
ABV - 12.5%

Overall - 9.1/10...this deserves an extra 0.1 for just how much I enjoyed it

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