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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seagram 2012 Review

I bought this can a few weeks ago only because I could not tell what its contents were, which made me a little curious. The only thing that tipped me of as to what this might taste like was the ingredients list - vodka, rum, whiskey and gin among some other ingredients such as sugar. Well, I love all those things!

The beverage has a copper/amber/iced tea-like color and is just a touch hazy. The aroma is a mix of alcohols with rum being the dominant one, followed by the whiskey. The vodka and gin are almost not noticeable. From the non-alcoholic aromas, some caramel and an acidic note are present - not much there.

The taste is where the vodka appears and takes the lead. Rum starts you off, but within moments a strong vodka taste takes the lead. The taste is way too alcoholic and imbalanced to make this an enjoyable pre-mixed cocktail. The alcohols used clash and don't compliment the non-alcoholic ingredients and flavours...whatever they might be. Caramel, some lemon/lime and a tiny bit of apple were all the flavours I could sense, but they were all overpowered by the alcohol. Yes, this was a very difficult to drink cocktail and I don't think I can recommend it to anyone. Also, the drink is very sweet and you can really start to feel the headache coming towards the end of the can.

Seagram did an excellent job on the can, though. It got my eye and made me spend the $3.

Cost - $2.95
Taste - 4/10
ABV - 6%

Overall - 4/10...clashing flavours and too alcoholic

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I completely disagree. This is a very easy to drink cooler. We drink them often and were amazed how smoothe it is with the amont of alcohol in it. Additionally, I find it way less sweet than most coolers including the very popular smirnoff line as well as others. Also, when cold and poured into a glass I find I can taste most of the flavours they advertise and most people I talk to find that while you can obviousy taste the alchohol he final flavour it leaves you with is pineapple.