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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sucking Lemons Vodka Beverage Review

You can figure out why I bought this...if you can't, just take a look at the can.

That worked like a homing beacon for me. I was walking fast through the isles carrying my bottle of Robust Porter to the register when something bright in the corner of my made me stop and look. Yep, I bought a can.

So does it live up to its name? I will make it quick and painless - it doesn't. Instead of the strong citric taste I was expecting, I got a sweet lemon juice with a mild vodka flavour. OK, there is a bit of sourness, but it wasn't as much as I had expected. I really wanted this to be similar to a half and half vodka cocktail I make where I squeeze a lemon or two and add a lot of vodka. That cocktail is in the 20's and does not taste like vodka at all. Give me a few of those and I am done for the night.

However, this vodka beverage can be saved one of two ways - squeeze in a lemon or two...or just add in some lemon juice if you are way too lazy or don't have lemons.

To those who make this drink - if you are reading this, please release a version 2.0, "Sucking More Lemons" (also, please credit me) which is packed with lemons or citric acid. I would love it.

Cost - $2.95
Taste - 6.5/10
ABV - 7%

Overall - 6.5/10...not as lemony as I expected


  1. Where can u buy the suckn lemon coolers? Liquor stores ? I went to 4 beer n wines,,,and they don't have them!

    1. Not sure. In Ontario they sell them at the LCBO. You can try contacting the company to see if they sell them in your area and where exactly.

  2. I disagree with the above review. I find it a very pleasant and refreshing taste. Not too tart not too sweet. Just the perfect balance. If it were too tart or too sweet you couldn't drink many of them. You can drink many of them without a sickening sweetness or too much acid that so many coolers have. I highly recommend this beverage for ease of just pouring something on ice with a slice of lemon. Refreshing and delicious. I paid under $10.00 for 4-500ml cans in a government liquor store in BC. So excellent value for a 7% alcohol drink.

    1. Yes I fell in love with it. And it is pleasant and refreshing

  3. I am a 'sucker' for anything with Vodka served with Lemon or Lime. I was expecting a much more sour taste. I didn't think they were worth the money ($2.95/can as they aren't sold in cases) and they aren't really any better than Smirnoff Ice beverages when you add a slice of lemon to it. I will not be purchasing these again.