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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Flying Monkeys BNL Imperial Chocolate Stout Review

BNL stands for Barenaked Ladies for those who are a bit confused. Flying Monkeys and BNL did a bit of a collaboration brewing and is $13.95, limited edition bottle is the result.

The beer is pitch black, one of the darkest I have seen, and pours with a a medium thick, tan head. The chocolate notes emanating from the pour are simply amazing. Up close this feels like sticking your nose in a pile of the most amazing cocoa. The taste is just as amazing, which makes this the best chocolate stout I have ever had. Up front there is a velvety smooth milk chocolate taste, followed by a hint of roasted cocoa beans. The finish is extremely smooth with a long lasting amazingly chocolaty note. Though the beer is at 10% ABV it is extremely smooth and there are almost no traces of alcohol.

Best Imperial Chocolate Stout I have had! Buy it if you can find a bottle.

Cost - $13.95 for a bottle
Taste - 10/10
ABV - 10%

Overall - 10/10...best Imperial Chocolate Stout to date!

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