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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Bush Pilot Stormy Monday Review

Got lucky and found a bottle of Bush Pilot's Stormy Monday at monstrous 11% ABV. The bottle also costs a good amount of money - $12.75, but the label explains the high cost - 25 different ingredients (also because of the alcohol pricing scheme at the LCBO...duuuh).

The beer has a deep red color and pours with a very thin ring of foam. The aroma is stunning and easily fills the room with cherries, berries and oranges. Up close coffee, vanilla and spices are dominant. The taste brings out another group of flavours - a bit of sweet malt, hops, some berries and spices again. As the finish nears, the spices intensify and elevate the flavour to whole another level. It is hard to describe it, but the finish does resemble that of brandy without negatively impacting the beer. The finish itself is long, a little dry with spices, a hint of hops and orange peel. Amazing.

Though this is at 11%, you can barely feel the booze and if you are sipping this slowly, you will not feel anything.

I don't normally enjoy beers aged this way, but this was absolutely stunning. I will get a few more bottles and age them...if they are still available at the LCBO.

Cost - $12.75
Taste - 9.8/10
ABV - 11%

Overall - 9.8/10...I am calling it - best barley wine I have had the pleasure of trying

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