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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Squeezing Melons Vodka Beverage Review

Just about a year ago the LCBO introduced two Jaw Drop vodka beverages with pretty cool names - Puckering Punch and Sucking Lemons, which of course were sour. Now, there is a third one which bears the same eye-catching can design.

Squeezing melons (OK, for some reason I want to keep calling it squeezing lemons so every time you see the word "melons", know that it was "lemons" before realizing what I was doing) is bright pink in color and has a strong melon aroma...with a lot of vodka underneath.

The taste is similar with a decent punch of sour melon up front...and a lot of vodka trailing behind. The melon taste is very similar to that of a Jolly Rancher, which pleases me a lot. There is also the expected boat load of sweetness which accentuate the melon taste, but will probably give you a terrible headache if you had more than a couple of these bad boys.

Overall, this is an enjoyable pre-mixed drink, which is not overly sour, but does have a pretty decent punch to keep you satisfied. As many other similar drinks, the alcohol taste is strong so if you dislike that, I suggest getting a pre-mixed drink with a lower alcohol content.

Cost - $2.95 from LCBO
Taste - 7/10
ABV - 7%

Overall - 7/10...like a Jolly Rancher soaked in vodka...with a shot of vodka

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