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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Crazy Uncle Basil, Honey & Lime Daiquiri Review

Just in time for the hot summer weather comes the next Crazy Uncle, except this time instead of trying to warm you up this premixed cocktail is trying to cool you off.

I know that many of you did not like the Christmasy Crazy Uncle Blood Orange Rosemary Maple Punch, but this is a completely different monster. Before you even consider buying this beverage, I do have to state that both the aroma and the taste are heavy on the basil so if you are not a fan, do not get this.

OK, so basil fans, read on. As I mentioned, the aroma is heavy on the basil, but a nice lime undertone is present. Take a sip and right away you will get a huge burst of basil, some honey and lime, which is probably the longest lasting and most intense flavour once the basil dies down a bit (it never truly dies, but it just gets overpowered by the lime). OK, now, here comes the bad part - the nasty medicine taste. No worries it only comes for a few brief moments until the lime takes over the flavour again. And also, the medicine taste came at random times because the first cocktail I had didn't have much of it, but the second one had some. Third one...not so much. Also, drink it cold and you will not feel any of the alcohol in the flavour, you also may not get the medicine taste (I haven't fully confirmed this yet), drink is warm or just a little chilled and you will sense the roughness.

As many other premixed cocktails, this one is sweet and the more you drink of it, the sweeter the taste gets until it becomes a little too unbearable and not from the drink being too sweet, but also by the fact that there will be a sugary headache hell to pay later (some extra lime or lemon does cut the sweetness down).

Overall, I enjoyed this a little more than the initial version, but I think that if you have the ingredients, you can probably create a more balanced and better tasting mix at home. For the lazy looking for a refreshment, I say give this one a shot (also I recommend you add some more lime or lemon and definitely use the rimmer).

Cost - $18.95 from LCBO
Taste - 7.6/10
ABV - 14%

Overall - 7.6/10...basil, honey and lime....and some booze...some medicine...a lot of confusion

1 comment:

  1. This is the most delicious drink...EVER!! The only problem is that now that I have had to pleasure of drinking it, I CANNOT FIND IT!!!!