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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dr McGillicuddy Brand Fireball Review

This is one of those drinks you always walk by in the store, but never buy because of the odd label, because you are afraid it will be horrible, because it is too expensive or because you really don't want to try any new things. Well for me, Fireball was the third one for me - I was afraid that it will taste horrible. One day when I was waiting in line at the LCBO I was looking at all the little tester bottles (the little ones - 50 to 200 mL) and saw the price - $6.95 CAD for 200 mL. "What the hell", I thought and picked one up.

The one and only comment I have to make on this is that...Fireball is great. Seriously, it surpassed all my expectations. OK, they weren't much to begin with, but this turned out to be much better than I thought. I can describe the taste with one word - candy. It tastes like candy, like cinnamon candy. At 33% alcohol you do feel a slight burn, but who cares when what you are drinking tastes like candy. The candy taste comes with a lot of sweetness and I cannot recommend this as your primary drink of the night. Have a few shots, sip on a glass of it, but for the love of god, do not drink a lot of it. Drinking too much of this has the same effect as drinking too much schnapps - horrible vomiting.

When you go out and by one try it with some hot chocolate. Do not put more than 1-2 oz of it in a mug or else your throat will be destroyed by the strong fumes.

Cost - 9/10...I did buy a small bottle of it, but even the 750 mL one is only $19.95
Taste - 9.1/10...it needs a little more balancing to get a 10

Overall - 18.1/20...don't avoid this, give it a try

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