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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mill Street Belgian Wit Review

So I went to the LCBO last night craving some beer after looking up good pubs to go to in Toronto. I am saving those pubs for the weekend so I have to make do with a few beers at home. I picked up the Mill Street Brewery sampler 6 pack, which included their Belgian Wit, Tankhouse Ale, Stock Ale, Organic Lager, Coffee Porter and their Pilsner (if I recall correctly).
The pack cost $12.75 CAD which comes up to just over $2.12 per 341 mL bottle. I decided to start with the Belgian Wit as the weather outside was hot and humid.

The color is typical for a wheat beer - pale yellow and cloudy. It has a creamy, light citrus taste, one that is not as strong as that of Waterloo Wheat, but close to that of Edelweiss. The aftertaste is a bit zesty and on the hoppier side. There are a few other similar beers I have tried in the past and Belgian Wit tastes like all of them...except that it is dull. All other ones possess a bolder taste which does not wear off by the end of the bottle. As I was finishing up this bottle, I was no longer able to taste the hops as much, and the aftertaste was mostly dominated by the taste of citric acid. The only advantage this one has is that it is available all year around at most LCBO locations. There isn't anything spectacular with this one. If you are looking something very refreshing and on the fruity side, but have never ventured out of the lager (read Stella) zone, then this may not be the brew for you. You might want to stick to the good old Rickard's White or Waterloo Wheat. I did find the Mill Street Belgian Wit quite refreshing on a hot summer night, but only at first. In the end it is just a dull, a bit flavourless beer.

Cost - 6-pack sampler is $12.75, but you can get a 6-pack of Belgian Wit for $12.55 CAD
Taste - 7.2/10

Overall - 7.0/10...I had to drop it down 0.2 points because of its dullness

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