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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mill Street Original Organic Lager Review

Today it is time to try the Organic Lager from the sampler pack I bought last night. I have had this particular lager on more than one occasion in the past mostly because of the old, novelty style beer bottles it used to come in. You used to be able to buy it in bottles of 222 mL with the same shape as the current ones. Holding a bottle that small made me feel like a giant...or someone who is 53% bigger than my current size. Yes, 53% is the difference between the old bottles and the new ones - 222 mL x 1.536 = 340.99 mL. If I recall correctly you were able to buy a 6 pack of the old bottles for less than $10 CAD. For that much you can only buy 6 packs of cheap, awful beer, or 4 packs of ales or a few individual good beers. After a quick look at the Mill Street Brewery website, I found out that the smaller bottles are still available for purchase, but only at their store at Mill Street BrewPub. I wonder how exactly this is certified organic. If you know, let me know, I am curious.

This, in my opinion, is one of the better domestic lagers that is widely available at LCBO locations. It is very refreshing and I would say that it tastes like a well balanced mix between sparkling wine, cider and a plain lager. I might call it a lager on taste steroids. Don't worry, this still tastes like a lager but it just has some mild citrus and floral hints, which definitely make it different from all the other lagers you can buy at the local liquor store. The aftertaste is very
clean, but by the end of the bottle a slight, skunky aftertaste can be detected. Personally I don't drink more than one of these per sitting, but then again I only like to drink bitters in multiples.

Cost - $12.75 for the 6 pack sampler or $12.95 per 6 pack of Organic Lagers
Taste - 7.6/10

Overall - 7.7/10...I would give this an extra 0.1 point for the light, refreshing, citrus taste it possesses that makes it different from all the other lagers in stores

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