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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Ephemere Apple Review

Beer in 750 mL glass bottles with cork tops is not very common so when I saw this one, I just had to try it. It retails for $5.20 CAD, but not all LCBOs carry it. You might think that you are getting a lot for $5, but may I remind you that you can get two 500 mL cans of decent beer for around the same price and 1,000 mL > 750 mL. It does feel nice to pop the top though.

The beer is very carbonated at first and pours with a short head which dissolves quickly leaving hardly any lacing. It is golden in color with an orange hue. The beer does not hold its carbonation for too long and will be very smooth if you leave it sitting in the glass for a few minutes. Drinking soon after pouring it will result in slight carbonation. It smells like wheat beer with a clear apple scent. It tastes like a wheat beer, along the lines of edelweiss, but with some apple notes rather than citrus ones. The beer differs from other wheat beers, which might make some people uncomfortable drinking it or leave them with a weird sensation that something is missing. The first few sips were quite unusual as I was waiting for the citrus flavours to hit me. What I got instead was a sweet apple taste with a very light, slightly sweet finish. I wasn't really into this beer partly because I am too used to the citrus notes and partly because I thought the taste could have been richer. Perhaps adding apple slices might improve the overall experience. I have nothing against apple notes and I do enjoy the occasional cider, but this didn’t really live up to my expectations.

Cost - $5.20 CAD for a 750 mL bottle
Taste - 5.8/10

Overall – 5.8/10...I was expecting more to be honest

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