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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kozel Beer Review

Are you in the mood for a good (oh crap, I spoiled it), refreshing beer, but don't want to spend too much money? Are you willing to go to an LCBO? If you answered yes to these two questions then you would want to keep reading, if you answered no, then I suggest you read a random review or just leave this page. Let me introduce you to Kozel beer, a lager made by the people who also brought you Pilsner Urquell. You can get it NOW from LCBO for only $2.10 CAD, which is a fantastic price. The regular price is $2.30 which puts it in a very competitive beer category. I think you should be able to find this beer at a lot of LCBO stores because I have also seen it at some pubs along side other beers from the same European area.

Pours with a very thick and creamy head. I poured mine with just over an inch head, which dissolved in a couple of minutes with some nice lacing. The beer is amber in color and has some floral hints to it. It is lightly carbonated, creamy and starts off sweet. Ends on a slightly bitter note and has a slightly creamy aftertaste. The mouth-feel is very creamy. This is a fantastic cheap beer, it is light and enjoyable. A definite recommendation if you want to have a good tasting beer, but don't want to explore any exotic flavours or brewing techniques.

Cost - $2.10 CAD for a 500 mL can. Regular price is $2.30 CAD
Taste - 8.2/10

Overall - 8.4/10...I feel like giving it 0.2 for the low price/great taste combo

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