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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Margriet Beer Review

I picked up a bottle of Margriet last week from the local LCBO for $2.30 CAD. Margriet is actually an Anker Blond in disguise and both are brewed by Brouwerij Het Anker. This product has been discontinued at the LCBO so if you want to try it, look for it now.

The beer pours with a very thick and creamy head. The head takes a very long time to recede and mostly the sides recede leaving quite a bit of lacing. The middle stays creamy and almost intact. This is the thickest head I have ever seen on a beer. The beer is cloudy and amber in color. The aroma is rich and complex with hints of pears, citrus and a touch of flowery scent. The taste is sharp with a touch of orange at the start and hops at the finish with a dry mouth-feel throughout. The alcohol content can definitely be tasted, but there is no build up of it. The beer is enjoyable for sure, but it is not for everyone.

Cost - $2.30 CAD for a 330 mL bottle
Taste - 7.8/10

Overall - 7.8/10...great strong Belgian beer at a low price

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