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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout Review

Today I picked up the Samuel Smith Selection gift set. The set includes 3 beers, a pint glass and 2 coasters as well as a brochure summarizing some brews Merchant du Vin imports into America. I assume America stands for North America and not just the U.S. The set costs $13.95 and I believe it is worth the money as 2 of the 3 beers are not otherwise available in Ontario. Tonight I am trying the Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout, which I have heard is a fantastic beer.

The beer pours with a medium and creamy head, which receded to a thin, espresso-like one. Its color is light black/dark brown and the aroma is very rich and complex. Coffee, chocolate and roasted malt are some of the scents I managed to pick up as they are quite strong. The beer has a unique mouth feel, one that is thin and slightly greasy. The taste is smoky with coffee and chocolate as the main flavour. The finish is hoppy and slightly dry. I finished the beer and I wanted another one. There is absolutely no skunk taste accumulation, just a fantastic aftertaste of coffee and chocolate with a touch of hops. In the long run, the aftertaste turns slightly sour, similar to the aftertaste of a juice with citric acid. This helps clean your breath, which I think is fantastic. Great beer, but this being a stout, some may not enjoy it.

Cost - part of a gift set, which retails for $13.95 CAD
Taste - 8.7/10

Overall - 8.7/10...excellent stout, but it may be a bit too much for some

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