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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Samuel Smith Winter Welcome Ale Review

Hurray, another Samuel Smith beer for sale at the LCBO. Look at that label, it is a clash of of colors and text. I have no idea where to even look or what to focus on. Like the other Samuel Smith brews, this one comes in a nice 550 mL bottle, which costs $3.95 CAD. Wow, that is a pricey beer.

The beer pours with a short to medium lacy head and has a deep amber color. The aroma is sweet and biscuity with some hops in the background. It reminds me a lot of Anchor Brewing Liberty Ale. The taste is also very similar to that of Liberty Ale. It starts off sweet with hints of dried fruits, and ends on a bitter, hoppy and dry note. The finish is medium long and develops into a pleasantly sweet, mildly hoppy taste. Another thing that reminds me of Liberty Ale is the 6% ABV. This is a great beer with a well balanced taste. If you liked Liberty Ale, you will like this one for sure. You have to hurry up though, this product is seasonal and the LCBO is likely to run out of it after the holidays.

Cost - $3.95 CAD for a 550 mL bottle
Taste - 8.1/10

Overall - 8.1/10...seasonal product that is very similar to Liberty Ale

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