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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Glayva Liqueur Review

I got this sample with the bottle of Forty Creek I reviewed a few weeks ago. To save you the effort, a 375 mL bottle costs $19.95 CAD while a 750 mL one $35.95 CAD. I guess these prices make this a somewhat of a premium liqueur though not as expensive as Grand Marnier, which I am not a big fan of because of the sweetness.

The first thing I noticed about this liqueur was its color, a deep golden/amber one. The little bottle poured smoothly and I noticed that it wasn't as thick as Grand Marnier, though still thicker than most spirits. I was greeted by a bittersweet, warm and spicy aroma, a blend of herbs and scotch. The herb notes reminded me a lot of Jagermeister. The liqueur has an oily feel to it and the taste literally explodes. The aroma is one thing, but the taste is so much different. The taste is still bittersweet, but the scotch base really jumps out and compliments the spices and herbs to create a pleasurable experience. A touch of orange can also be noticed, which leaves a long lasting aftertaste. The finish is smooth and warm. This of course comes with a price. The sweetness does not allow you to have a lot to drink. I got a mild headache after I had this sample so I can only imagine how I will react to more than this. Other than that I really enjoyed the liqueur and might buy a bottle for guests.

Cost - $19.95 CAD for a 375 mL bottle and $35.95 CAD for 750 mL one
Taste - 7.5/10

Overall - 7.5/10...the extra herbs and spices help make this more enjoyable for me than a glass of Grand Marnier

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