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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wychwood Hobgoblin Review

A few months ago I loved the Wychwood Bah Humbug Ale and its unique taste. I hated it for being a seasonal beer though. Today when I was at the LCBO I decided to give the other, regular Wychwood brews a try. The first one is of course their most popular beer - Hobgoblin. Hobgoblin was fortunately on sale for $3.05 CAD for a 500 mL glass bottle. The regular price is $3.45, which seems to be a standard for brews from UK and Scotland.

The beer pours with a short to medium lacy head. The color is fantastic - medium brown with deep red hues. The aroma is surprisingly close to that of Bah Humbug with the exception of the cake hints. Dried fruits, nuts and coffee dominate the nose. The taste is very well balanced with fruits at the start, coffee in the middle and hops at the end. The finish is warm, slightly dry, medium to long and very pleasing. I cannot wait to try the rest of the Wychwood beers.

Cost - $3.45 CAD for a 500 mL bottle
Taste - 8.2/10

Overall - 8.2/10...not as unique as the Bah Humbug ale, but it is still an excellent beer

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