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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Christoffel Nobel Dry Hopped Review

This little guy recently showed up on the shelves of the local LCBO so being the curious person I am, I just had to get a bottle to try it. At $3.05 per bottle is borderline pricey, but the high ABV makes everything OK.

First off, I am a sucker for swing tops, I just love them. I love that initial pop with the mist emerging from the opening. The beer pours with a short, finger thick lacy head. It has a cloudy appearance and its color is dark amber/honey with some mild red hues, absolutely beautiful. Its aroma is of hops with a distant sweet hint of honey. The beer is full bodied and very hoppy, which results in a long and bitter finish. I like bitter and hoppy beers so I like this one. The flavour is simple and there are no adjuncts or exotic notes. The high, 8.7%, ABV is masked quite well, but I can still get a sense of how potent this beer is.

Cost - $3.05 CAD for a 330 mL bottle
Taste - 8.3/10

Overall - 8.3/10...potent hoppy beer, great for sipping

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