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Saturday, March 6, 2010

William's Sir Perry Pear Cider Review

Aaah, yes, another cider review. Today I am trying a pear based cider from the United Kingdom. Many of the LCBO stores I have seen carry this so it should not be a problem finding one near you. A 500 mL can costs $2.85 CAD.

The cider is pale straw in color and pours like any other cider - tons of carbonation and no head of course. Even though this is a pear based cider, the aroma is not much different from the regular, apple based cider. The fermented pears give off an aroma similar to that of fermented apples with the exception of a very, very distant pear scent. In fact, it is so distant, I will say that this smells a lot like a regular apple cider. The taste brings out the differences and this is where the pear flavour shines...OK, it doesn't shine, but it is definitely a lot more noticeable than in the aroma. Like other ciders the taste is crisp and just a touch sweet. The finish is acidic and the pear flavour lingers for a long time which creates a pleasurable sensation. I like this cider, I like it more than I liked Rekorderlig earlier this week. The taste is not too sweet so I can see myself consuming more than one can per sitting.

Cost - $2.85 CAD for a 500 mL can
Taste - 8.8/10

Overall - 8.8/10...crisp, acidic taste with subtle pear flavour, excellent cider


  1. Recently I was able to purchase a case (24 500ml cans)of this pear cider for the incredibly low cost of $5 USD. The bargain price I paid led me to believe that it would be a cut rate product. Although for my taste it does tend toward the sweet side, overall I have thoroughly enjoyed this adult beverage. While I will recommend Sir Perry to anyone who is looking for an adventurous alternative to beer, I do not recommend ever consuming more than three in a sitting (as it packs QUITE a punch)!

  2. This cider has been my drink of choice for a number of years now. Unfortunately they have changed the recipe. When I started drinking it there was four ingredients: Fermented Pear Juice, Ascorbic Acid, Caramel, Carbon Dioxide. Now it's a bunch of crap ingredients and it tastes like crap. I'm ticked off. That's company's in for an earful if I find out how to get a hold of them. Gaymer's thanks for ruining my perry.

    Two Perry Terry