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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rekorderlig Elderflower Cider Review

I have another cider for today and this one is new from Rekorderlig.

Since this is a pear based cider with elderflower, it has a champagne, very pale yellow color and pours with a medium, very bubbly head, which takes a few seconds to go down. Its aroma is sweet and heavy on the elderflower with a distant, slightly sour pear note. Much like its Wildberry cousin, it has a very sweet taste with most of the flavour coming in at the start. Along with the sweet flavour comes the strong, 7% ABV taste, which disappears rather quickly once the less sweet and slightly sour pear flavour comes in midway. The finish is sweet and a touch sour. Overall this is a great new cider, but on the downside, it is still very sweet.

Cost - $2.85 CAD for a 500 mL can
Taste - 7.9/10

Overall - 7.9/10...sweet, but a solid cider


  1. mmmmm, I'm having my first right now, I agree it's a bit sweet but I added a few ice cubes...it's quite nice.

  2. I also agree that this is too sweet for me to drink just as it is. But I will always have at least a can or two around in the summer. One can plus a bottle of your favorite cheap red wine and some frozen fruit you have a very easy sangria.

    I also like to add some of this when making pork dishes. It has an incredible flavor.

  3. Bizzarely, I must say that Kopparberg Eldelflower is nicer. And it is strange, as all other flavors Rekorderlig does much better that Kopparberg.

  4. Yes, I do like Koppaberg Elderflower better. Unfortunately it is not sold where I live. I will be posting a review soon once I find the time.

  5. I thought I was drinking my Grandmothers perfume....

  6. Just picked up one of these the other day and have to say it was very pleasant. I do like sweet drinks so this was a good match for me. Although nowhere near as sweet as other ciders here in Canada, this ones sweetness is just perfect for my pallet.