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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Samuel Smith's Organic Cider Review

Samuel Smith's Organic Cider is one of the new fall 2010 LCBO additions. It is made from organically grown apples with cane sugar and retails for $4.95, which is pretty pricey for a 550 mL bottle.

The cider is, well, pale straw in color and well carbonated. The aroma is of sweet apples with a slight vinegar scent. The taste is absolutely stunning. It tastes like no other cider I have tried. It can only be described as an apple juice mixed with some club soda with some citric acid added. I have no idea where the alcohol comes from, but this is still is 5% ABV. Due to the cane sugar, the cider does get a little sweet by the end of the bottle, but the apple sourness helps a little. The one thing I should note is the thickness of the cider. It is a little more syrupy than other ciders I have tried, but it is still pretty damn good.

Cost - $4.95 for a 550 mL bottle
Taste - 8.2/10

Overall - 8.2/10...solid cider, but a little syrupy and a bit pricey

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