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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Lake of Bays Mocha Porter Review

After enjoying the Lake of Bays Pale Ale a couple of weeks ago, I got my hands on a bottle of their mocha porter...a rather large one!

Being a porter, the beer is dark, almost black, and pours with a short tan head. The aroma is of coffee and chocolate, but with "mocha" in the title, I am half expecting some sweet, creamy notes as well. The taste is a little bit sweeter than the aroma, but still not sweet enough to make me think this is a mocha. Coffee and chocolate notes are obviously present, but so are some smoky and roasted notes. The finish is smoky with roasted notes and...coffee and chocolate of course.

Cost -$7.95 for a 750 mL bottle
Taste - 7.8/10
ABV - 5.2%

Overall - 7.8/10...not bad and I love the large bottle

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