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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Grand River Brewing Pugnacious Pale Ale Review

If it has "pale ale" in its name, I am drinking it and this new Pugnacious Pale Ale from Grand River Brewing is no exception. For $3.60, one of these freshly bottled ales can be yours...but only if you can find it.

The beer has a nice deep amber color and pours with a lacy, medium thick head, which recedes relatively quickly. The aroma is strong, biscuity, piney with hops, sweet dried fruits and some toasted grains. The taste is not as intense as I expected and has more bitter characteristics than pale ale ones. The hops are lost amidst a sea of grains, some citrus and grassy notes while the finish is dry, bittersweet, a touch buttery and reminiscent of an English bitter. Some hops and stronger citrus notes emerge shortly after, but a bit too late to save the day. Despite all this, there is something about this beer that just makes me want to continue drinking it and have another after.

Cost - $3.60
Taste - 7.0/10
ABV - 4.5%

Overall - 7.0/10...not quite what I was expecting, but still a pretty solid brew

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