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Monday, September 26, 2011

Great Lakes Brewery Miami Weiss Wheat Ale Review

Recently we tried Grand River Brewing's Pugnacious Ale, one of four new LCBO beers available now until shortly after the start of Autumn. Miami Weiss is the second of the series that I was able to find and with an awesomely cheesy name and label, I expect it to deliver.

The beer is light golden in color and touch hazy. It pours with a finger thick, creamy head which recedes within minutes to a few creamy islands. The aroma is absolutely stunning for a wheat ale with a burst of hops. It actually smells a lot like an IPA. Wait, is this an IPA? Well, the back of the label confirms that this is, in fact, a wheat ale, and also states that instead of the mild hop presence, this beer is packed with pacific northwestern hops. Amazing, a wheat ale with hops!

A second whiff reveals some sweeter, fruity notes, a touch of pine and very little spices. The taste is where the IPA similarity stops. The wheat presence is more noticeable, but the hops do contribute quite a lot and make this ale more bitter than other wheat ales. The start of each sip is bland, but once the hops kick in, they do unlock some flavours. There are very little spices, but there are some herbal notes towards the finish, which in combination with the hops and the wheat create a finish halfway between a "light" IPA, a wheat ale and chamomile tea. Some citrus can also be tasted in the finish.

I am not sure how to feel about this beer. I loved the aroma, but the taste was not completely balanced and the beer was both bland and bold at different stages. I definitely recommend it as something unique to try, but I am just not completely sold.

Cost - $5.95
Taste - 6.9/10
ABV - 4.5%

Overall - 6.9/10...amazing aroma, but the taste is off balance

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