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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wychwood Brewery Goliath Review

I was a bit surprised to find this beer on the shelves of the near-by LCBO, considering I didn't hear/read anything about this release.

The beer has a hazy, amber color and pours with a short head. The aroma has a lot of grains and grassy notes and very little hops or other interesting characteristics. The taste is malty and buttery with some grassy notes and very little hops. The finish is similar but with some roasted malt. Overall, this is a pretty easy drinker, but there is nothing interesting or unique about it. Sure it is refreshing, but I was expecting a bit more from Wychwood.

Cost - $3.50
Taste - 6.2/10
ABV - 4.2%

Overall - 6.2/10...light and easy to drink with very little character

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