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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stonewall Light Beer Review

Here is another new product from the shelves of the local LCBO store. This is Stonewall Light, which is a light beer with natural lime flavour. It is made by the same guys who brought you the cheapest beer in the province of Ontario - Cool Beer. Like Cool Beer, Stonewall costs $1.25 CAD per bottle, but unlike the lager, it comes in 275 mL bottles so it actually ends up being a little more expensive if compared on a similar basis.

The clear bottle reveals it all - it is pale straw in color and pours with a very short, lively head. The beer is very lively, perhaps just as lively as the one and only can of PBR I had once and also earned one of my lowest ratings. This is comparable to champagne or soda. At least it has more color than PBR.

The aroma is not bad, but it is nothing to be proud of. It is a combination of grain and corn with grassy notes and a light malty touch. The first few sips are not bad, but this is where the beer stops being good. Malty and grassy notes make an immediate appearance followed by a touch of corn. The finish is mostly corn, but very subtle hoppy notes can be noticed. I could not detect the lime flavour at all. But I think this would be OK with a lime wedge, hell, I will even buy this over a bottle of Corona. It is much cheaper and tastes about the same. This is not the worst thing you can buy from the LCBO, that's for sure.

Cost - $1.25 CAD for a 275 mL bottle
Taste - 5.2/10

Overall - 5.2/10...I am not giving it my traditional 0.1 extra for the price, because the taste is nothing impressive


  1. Sounds horrible - and a 275 mL bottle for those who can't stomach 341 ml of beer? Maybe you shouldn't drink then!

  2. I love this beer. It's refreshing and has just the right amount of carbonation. Great for summer when you want to have a few cold ones without the guilt of high calories.