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Monday, April 9, 2012

Canadian Club Mixed & Ready Cola Review

When I was in Australia late last year, I saw a whole bunch of pre-mixed whiskey/scotch/bourbon and coke drinks you could buy from any convenience and liquor store. It was their thing I guess, much like you could find Smirnoff Ice and various other vodka-based coolers. Well, something that I saw there was recently introduced here at the LCBO - Canadian Club Mixed & Ready Cola. It was weird seeing a Canadian brand alcoholic beverage sold in Australia but not here...at least not in Ontario. But no more!

Like any other pre-mixed whiskey and coke product, this one has the typical generic coke scent with a note of whiskey hidden among all the sweetness. The taste is pretty good and comparable to mixing Pepsi, and not Coke, with a bit of whiskey. Why do I say Pepsi? Because this is more sweet and more comparable to a Pepsi than it is to a Coke. The sweetness is a bit too much for me, but if you like sugary pre-mixed drinks and whiskey, then you might enjoy this. Also, I think Canadian Club could have done better and added some more of their fine whiskey for an extra layer of flavour. This is weak tasting, but still gives you a kick...thanks for the added "alcohol" (yes, read the label, one of the ingredients is "alcohol" and it appears right next to the other key ingredient - "Canadian Club").

The sweetness brings up something else - its continuous drinkability. What does that mean? Well, I cannot see myself drinking more than 1 of these in a session. Two will give me a headache for sure.

Overall, this beverage offers convenience, but to be honest, I would rather buy a small bottle of Canadian Club (a sampler if possible) and a can of Coke and mix them myself. If you feel lazy and you enjoy a bit of sweetness, then this is the drink for you...or perhaps you might want to check out the competition - Jack Daniel's Cola Whiskey.

Cost - $2.95 for a can
Taste - 6.8/10
ABV - 6%

Overall - 6.8/10...sweet, headache inducing, convenient cocktail

1 comment:

  1. My husband brought two home for us to try and I agree, too sweet, they could have used a higher quality cola.